Tips For Creating Comprehensive Android Marketing Strategies

Not only there’s a tough competition going on at the Android Market terrain among application publishers. But all of them are also competing another giant market force – Apple Application Store. Obviously, it’s a great challenge to come up with the advertising and digital marketing strategy that will appeal to your potential customer powerfully enough. Take advantage of all great traits Android cherishes and combine. These two in such marketing strategy that will beat other publishers.


The creativity of your marketing team members is essential, but not sufficient anymore. Breaking through the crowded market and increasing your profit requires experience. Solid knowledge and maneuvering with various trick when it comes to Android advertising. Here’s a list of some useful advice you may use when constructing your Android marketing strategy.

Narrow the assortment for better focus

Namely, Android has already come up with a wide range of different devices on the market and advertising on all of them at once is overwhelming with poor results and high costs. Thus, Google enabled the option of narrowing the choice down. Application publishers and Android marketers are now free to choose the exact OS (and consequentially the particular devices) and focus on marketing strategies adjusted to these devices.

Know your target groups

Aside from the obvious need to do thorough profiling of your potential user of the Android application, be aware of the scope of the market. Advertise in different languages.


It’s truth that English is common enough and eases designing of marketing strategy a lot. But Android devices are used worldwide and including the option of more than one language. For advertising may only benefit you and your company.

Quick and effective

One of the major traits of modern Android application users is their need to be entertained. As well as their short attention span. If you miss the chance to grab their attention, all the other effort you’ve invested will be in vain. Thus, one of the “must do” things when construction Android marketing strategy is to adjust your loading time to be less than five seconds.

Everything longer is considered risky to become boring and extended waiting. Also, integrating the options for vivid interaction with users is highly recommended. Engaging users directly into the setting of the application will endeavor them into the context and increase your chances of keeping the potential client.